Frequently asked questions.

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How can I embed Perdoo in other tools (eg, Confluence)?
How to keep my Check-in streak if I'm out of office?
How can I remove my profile picture?
Why does my card show 0% progress if there's progress in its aligned Objective?
How do I assign an OKR to one of my colleagues as an Owner?
Why can't I see my OKR aligned to a KPI on a KPI Board?
How do I delete a KPI?
How do you place an Initiative below a Key Result?
How do I edit a user's role?
How do I create an Initiative?
How do I set my Objective to be measured by Aligned Objectives instead of Key Results?
How do I enter the numbers for the previous month on a KPI Board?
What is the best practice for deciding whether to archive Key Results and Initiatives?
How can I see multiple quarters at once on the Map?
How can I move a Result from one Objective to another one?
What is the best practice for an OKR that is owned by 2 or more teams?
How can I update a KPI on a KPI Board?
How can I delete all the legacy data on my account and start fresh?
How can I see Key Results only and hide Initiatives on a profile page?
Why does my invoice include a credit?
How can I see all KPIs on a KPI Board?
How can I reallocate licenses when someone leaves or joins the company?
How do I export my OKR and KPI data?
How can I activate a future timeframe?
How can I export all my Objectives?
What happens to the OKRs if I delete a Team?
How is the change in progress calculated for Key Results?
How do I add Key Results?
How do I add Objectives?
Why can't I add Initiatives to an OKR?
How do I delete or edit an Objective?
Can more than one user Lead a Result?
Why can't you align Objectives to more than one Objective or Pillar?
How can I remove my long-term OKRs from my weekly Check-ins?
How do you restore archived Results?
How can I edit a user?
Why does the progress of my Objective stay at 0% if I'm updating my Results?
Why can't I see the name of my Objectives on the Map?
How can you export historical KPI data?
Why don't Initiatives push the progress of my Key Results?
How do I change the alignment of an Objective?
What happens to the OKRs if I archive a user?
Where can I find a live dashboard that can be displayed?
Do KPIs reset automatically?
Where can I find prices for the subscription plans?
What are the stages of an OKR?
Why is my progress 0% even though the value is more than 0?
How can I utilize Perdoo for meetings?
Which browsers are supported by Perdoo?
How can I add individual OKRs and/or personal development goals?
How can I delete my account?
What is included in the free plan?
What is the maximum number of admins an account can have?
Will moving an OKR to a different timeframe delete its data?
How do I resend an invite link?
Can an Initiative have more than one parent Key Result when added to a team's Objective?
How can I archive users in bulk?
How can I extract the user list on Perdoo?
Is it possible to have a multi-tenant setup in Perdoo?
How can I bulk update user information?
Is there a limit to the number of KPIs I can create?
Why aren't updates pushed to my Slack channel?
Can I restore a deleted Objective?
How can I change the order of my Team's KPIs?
Can I hide goals?
Is Key Result progress above 100% counted in Objective success?
Should a Company Objective have Key Results?
What happens if I’m not a member of a Team but I’m leading one of the Team's OKRs?
When will I be notified about changes?
Are Perdoo's TOMs GDPR compliant?
Why are future OKRs included in Check-ins?
How do I redeem a promo code for the OKR 101 Course?
Why am I unable to create an account using my email address?
Why am I getting a sever 500 error?
Who manages the notification settings?
Can I disable KPIs?
Why can't I see my OKR on the Map?
Why can't I see a timeframe on the Map anymore?
How are dates formatted in the platform?
How do I reset a Result or KPI?
Where can I find my unaligned Objectives?
Do you offer any resources for implementation and getting started?
Who can delete or edit a progress update?
How can we reflect our company's financial calendar?
Why can't I save my KPI?
Why is my Objective visible on the Map but not in my Team?
Why can't I log in to my account?
Should I add Subteams?
How can I cancel my subscription?
How can I follow up on progress as a manager?
How do I add more licenses to Perdoo?
How can I export OKRs to include Check-in comments?
Why does my Check-in include Key Results where the target is already reached?
Is my progress calculated automatically?
How can I find out who deleted or archived a goal or user?
Why is my Result marked Outdated if the due date is in the future?
Why can't I add a user/email to my company account?
How can I move a Key Result or Initiative to another Objective?
Where can I view or edit my billing information?Update your billing details, change your payment method, and download your invoices.
Is coaching included in the software license?
Why do I see a “you don’t have permission to perform this action” message?
Can I be added as a Contributor to a Company Objective?
Why do I get the error AADSTS50105 when trying to login via SSO with Azure AD?
How can I structure our OKRs for my matrix organization?