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Frequently asked questions.

What do I do if I missed the deadline to submit my Reflections?
How can I embed Perdoo in other tools (eg, Confluence)?
How can I remove my profile picture?
Why does my card show 0% progress if there's progress in its aligned Objective?
How do I assign an OKR to one of my colleagues as an Owner?
Why can't I see my OKR aligned to a KPI on a KPI Board?
How do I delete a KPI?
How do you place an Initiative below a Key Result?
How do I edit a user's role?
How do I create an Initiative?
How do I set my Objective to be measured by Aligned Objectives instead of Key Results?
How do I enter the numbers for the previous month on a KPI Board?
What is the best practice for deciding whether to archive Key Results and Initiatives?
How can I see multiple quarters at once on the Map?
How can I move a Result from one Objective to another one?
What is the best practice for an OKR that is owned by 2 or more teams?
How can I update a KPI on a KPI Board?
How can I delete all the legacy data on my account and start fresh?
How can I see Key Results only and hide Initiatives on a profile page?
Why does my invoice include a credit?
How can I see all KPIs on a KPI Board?
How can I reallocate licenses when someone leaves or joins the company?
How do I export my OKR and KPI data?
How can I activate a future timeframe?
How can I export all my Objectives?
What happens to the OKRs if I delete a Team?
How is the change in progress calculated for Key Results?
How do I add Key Results?
How do I add Objectives?
Why can't I add Initiatives to an OKR?
How do I delete or edit an Objective?
Can more than one user Lead a Result?
Why can't you align Objectives to more than one Objective or Pillar?
How do you restore archived Results?
How can I edit a user?
Why does the progress of my Objective stay at 0% if I'm updating my Results?
Why can't I see the name of my Objectives on the Map?
How can you export historical KPI, Key Result or Initiative data?
Why don't Initiatives push the progress of my Key Results?
How do I change the alignment of an Objective?
What happens to the OKRs if I archive a user?
Where can I find a live dashboard that can be displayed?
Do KPIs reset automatically?
Where can I find prices for the subscription plans?
What are the stages of an OKR?
Why is my progress 0% even though the value is more than 0?
How can I utilize Perdoo for meetings?
Which browsers are supported by Perdoo?
How can I add individual OKRs and/or personal development goals?
What is included in the free plan?
What is the maximum number of admins an account can have?
Will moving an OKR to a different timeframe delete its data?
How do I resend an invite link?
Can an Initiative have more than one parent Key Result when added to a team's Objective?
How can I archive users in bulk?
How can I extract the user list on Perdoo?
Is it possible to have a multi-tenant setup in Perdoo?
How can I bulk update user information?
Is there a limit to the number of KPIs I can create?
Why aren't updates pushed to my Slack channel?
Can I restore a deleted Objective?
How can I change the order of my Team's KPIs?
Can I hide goals?
Is Key Result progress above 100% counted in Objective success?
Should a Company Objective have Key Results?
What happens if I’m not a member of a Team but I’m leading one of the Team's OKRs?
When will I be notified about changes?
Are Perdoo's TOMs GDPR compliant?
How do I redeem a promo code for the OKR 101 Course?
Why am I unable to create an account using my email address?
Why am I getting a sever 500 error?
Who manages the notification settings?
Can I disable KPIs?
Why can't I see my OKR on the Map?
Why can't I see a timeframe on the Map anymore?
How are dates formatted in the platform?
How do I reset a Result or KPI?
Where can I find my unaligned Objectives?
Do you offer any resources for implementation and getting started?
Who can delete or edit a progress update?
How can we reflect our company's financial calendar?
Why can't I save my KPI?
Why is my Objective visible on the Map but not in my Team?
Why can't I log in to my account?
Should I add Subteams?
How can I cancel my subscription?
How do I add more licenses to Perdoo?
How can I export OKRs to include progress update comments?
Is my progress calculated automatically?
How can I find out who deleted or archived a goal or user?
Why is my Result marked Outdated if the due date is in the future?
Why can't I add a user/email to my company account?
How can I move a Key Result or Initiative to another Objective?
Where can I view or edit my billing information?Update your billing details, change your payment method, and download your invoices.
Is coaching included in the software license?
Why do I see a “you don’t have permission to perform this action” message?
Can I be added as a Contributor to a Company Objective?
Why do I get the error AADSTS50105 when trying to login via SSO with Azure AD?
How can I structure our OKRs for my matrix organization?
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