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KPI Boards

Organize your KPIs and monitor performance over time.

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Create KPI boards for all your different KPIs. Set up KPI boards for specific use cases (eg, Growth), for different categories (eg, Customer health), or for different departments. Set targets for the future, and see how your KPIs perform over time.

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Example: Setting up a KPI Board for your organization's growth

Track your growth ambitions alongside your organization's strategy and all the work that'll deliver it. Set up a KPI Board for your growth to ensure that you’ll never miss your growth goals again.

For each of those (growth) KPIs, you can track monthly targets vs actuals. You can finally understand how all those teams and individuals are aiming to realize more ambitious targets in the future, by looking at the OKRs that support each KPI.

Watch our CEO and co-founder, Henrik-Jan van der Pol, explain the value of a KPI board for Growth:

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The anatomy of a KPI Board

The KPI Board is visible to all users in your Perdoo account, but only (Super)admins can add or remove KPIs from a Board.

Each row in your KPI Board represents a KPI. It includes its name, the Owner of the KPI (their avatar), and two values for each month: your actual (above) vs target (below).

Dashes reflect past and current months where you could have entered a value but didn't, whereas blank cells are for future values.

The health status of your KPI turns:

  • green: if you've achieved or exceeded the target

  • orange: if you haven't achieved the target

You’ll also see OKRs that are aligned to each KPI, so you can understand how you’re planning to achieve any new target.

Over view of your Growth Board wit sample KPIs

From there:

  • Navigate using arrows to move through the years, or click Today to return to the current year. Every beginning of a new year picks up the last value of the previous year.

  • Reorder your KPIs by selecting and dragging to the left of the KPI’s name.

Setting up and taking action from your KPI Board

Any KPI added to Perdoo can be added to a KPI Board. Your KPI doesn't need to have a target to be on the Board.

Add KPIs to a KPI Board

Add additional KPIs by selecting the + icon in the top-right corner. From there, you can add any existing KPI or create a new KPI from the Board (make sure to select the Owner/the Team it belongs to):

Add existing or new KPIs from the Board using the + icon in the top-right corner

Add or adjust KPI targets

Click on any cell to set a target (input a value and select Done) or remove the target for that month (select Remove target).

  • If you set or change a value, the new target will automatically be applied to all following months that don't already have a target defined.

  • Removing a target reverts the KPI to the previous target.

Change your target by clicking on any cell and setting a value

Review Objectives aligned to your KPI

The Board will surface any OKRs aligned to KPIs so you can easily see whether your efforts are making an impact in realizing your targets.

You’ll see a grey bar below a KPI where there are Objectives aligned to it. Click on the bar to view a filtered list of those Aligned Objectives and check their progress.

Review aligned OKRs on your Board and click the button to expand more details

* NOTE: Perdoo currently only surfaces quarterly (3-month) OKRs on a KPI Board.

Additional actions

Update the progress of any KPI on the Board by using the chart icon beside its name.

In addition, you can use the 3-dot menu to the right of the KPI's name to:

  • remove KPIs from your Board (you can still find it on the Owner's page)

  • edit your KPI details (ie. its name, metric unit, Owner, Lead, alignment)

  • add an OKR to improve your KPI (Perdoo will then create an OKR aligned to this KPI for the current timeframe) * for this, your KPI must have a target value

Reordering function and additional functions to remove or edit KPIs, or add OKRs to improve a KPI

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