You’ll find three different roles in Perdoo that define the permissions each user has: Standard, Admin, and Superadmin.

* NOTE: Configurable user roles are only available in our Premium plan. In our Free (max 10 users) and Professional plans, all users are Superadmins.

Permissions for Standard, Admin, and Superadmin roles

💡 Pro tip: If you see an error saying you don't have rights to do this, it means that you're trying to perform an action beyond those granted by your role. In that case, please contact your Ambassador or a (Super)admin to adjust your role.

To edit a user's role

ℹ️ Premium only

As an Admin or Superadmin:

  1. Go to Configure

  2. Select the Users tab

  3. Click on the user's 3-dot menu

  4. Edit user

Edit user in Configure Users tab

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