Some goal statuses are calculated automatically by Perdoo. Others are set manually by you, based your own confidence in achieving the goal. Let’s see how these levels are set for each type of goal:





Once a target value is set, Perdoo will calculate status automatically.

It's “healthy” when the current value meets or exceeds the target value. If it doesn’t, it’s “unhealthy.”


Statuses for Objectives are separated by “on track” or “off track”. This is calculated automatically by Perdoo based on the status of the Objective’s Key Results.

It reflects the lowest status of all the Key Results. So if just one of your Key Results is off track, this will set the Objective to off track.

Key Result and Initiative

For Results (Key Results and Initiatives), you’ll set your subjective status of “on track” or “off track” when you update your Key Result.

Once your Key Result reaches 100% progress, it is achieved, and the confidence status will change to “none.”

Why goal statuses matter

  • For KPIs: The status for KPIs enables you to immediately see if a KPI is healthy or not.

  • For OKRs and Initiative: Progression for Key Results and Initiatives isn’t always linear throughout a quarter. Let’s say you’re launching a new product this quarter, but it takes a while for adoption of that product to take place. Early on in the quarter, your Key Result of “product adoption” won’t reflect the progress you’re making, but you’ll still know that you’re on track – your metric is simply a lag metric. That’s why it’s useful to share a goal status when using Check-in to update your goals and reflect how confident you are that you’ll reach your goal.

Filter for goal statuses

Goal statuses are included throughout Perdoo’s reports so you know which goals need your attention. They also help you and your coworkers to develop a deeper understanding of how things are really progressing. In Custom Reports, you can apply filters to quickly see a list of, for example, “off track” Key Results that your direct reports are responsible for. Or head to Performance reports to get a filtered list of unhealthy KPIs.

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