Got an unhealthy KPI, or setting a new target you'd like a healthy KPI to reach? You'll want to create an OKR to improve that KPI.

⚠ Need a refresher on the difference between KPIs and OKRs? Read this article.

Perdoo helps you communicate how an OKR is supporting a KPI. When viewing any KPI, you'll see a list of aligned Objectives to check what's planned – or what's worked in the past – to improve each KPI.

Create an OKR to improve a KPI:

Create an OKR to improve a Group KPI from Group page

Alternatively: Select Improve a KPI as the reason when creating an Objective. You can then pick the KPI that this Objective aims to improve:

Edit OKR to Improve a KPI

* NOTE: You can align an OKR to any KPI, even if it’s not from the same Group.

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