Create an OKR to improve a KPI

Fix an unhealthy KPI or take a healthy KPI to the next level.

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Got an unhealthy KPI or trying to reach a new monthly target you set? You'll want to create an OKR to improve that KPI.

⚠ Need a refresher on the difference between KPIs and OKRs? Read this article.

Perdoo helps you communicate how an OKR is supporting a KPI. When viewing any KPI, you'll see a list of aligned Objectives to check what's planned – or what's worked in the past – to improve each KPI.

💡 Pro tip: Want to see how your efforts are making an impact in realizing your targets? Use the KPI Boards to view the progress of OKRs aligned to KPIs.

OKR aligned to KPI on Growth Board

Create an OKR to improve a KPI

  1. Find the KPI on your Company or Team page

  2. Hover over the KPI and click on the 3-dot menu

  3. Select Add OKR to improve KPI to create an Objective pre-populated with your KPI's information

Create an OKR to improve a Group KPI from Group page

Alternatively: Select Improve a KPI as the reason when creating an Objective. You can then pick the KPI that this Objective aims to improve:

Create or Edit OKR to Improve a KPI

* NOTE: You can align an OKR to any KPI, even if it’s not from the same Team.

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