Want to update progress on your goals automatically? Our Open API and Google Sheets integration allow you to integrate with hundreds of apps. Using Jira? Our dedicated Jira integration has what you need.

Google Sheets integration

Our Google Sheets integration enables you to automatically update progress on your KPIs, Key Results, and Initiatives.

It's a powerful tool that can connect to 65+ business apps.

How to use the Google Sheets integration

Simply contact our Support team to activate the Google Sheets integration for you. You can email support@perdoo.com or reach out via the in-app chat on the bottom-right of your screen. We'll quickly activate the integration, so you can then follow these instructions to start updating your goals automatically.

Open API

Our Open API also allows you to automatically update progress on your goals. The Open API is really powerful, but does require some technical knowledge to build the connections you desire.

How to use the Open API

The Open API is ready for you to use. Our API documentation can be accessed here.

Jira integration

Seamlessly integrate Results in Perdoo (Initiatives or Key Results) and pieces of work in Jira (eg Issues, Epics) to guarantee always-updated goals and anticipate challenges early on. Please read the dedicated article on Perdoo's Jira integration.

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