Set monthly KPI targets

Determine or adjust target values for your KPIs over time.

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KPIs track the health of your business as usual. As forecasts change, KPI targets can also fluctuate over time. Whether you've met a goal and need to raise the bar a little more, or a shift in focus has caused you to reevaluate your targets, you can now set monthly KPI target values for the year.

* NOTE: Although anyone can view KPI targets over time, only those who have permission to edit the KPI can set new targets.

💡 Pro tip: To view KPIs across multiple Teams, use the KPI Boards.

Growth KPIs on Growth Board

Setting or adjusting KPI targets

You can set or adjust KPI target values directly from the KPI modal. To adjust the targets, just open up a KPI by clicking on its name, or use the 3-dot menu and select View details:

Open a KPI by click on its name or using View details

Or if you've just created a KPI, Perdoo will automatically open the KPI modal. Navigate to below the graph:

  • Click on + in any cell to add or adjust a target for that month, or Remove target to delete the target for that month. Choose whether the KPI should be greater or less than your target value.

  • The new target will then be applied to all following months that don't already have a target defined.

  • Columns where the target value has been changed are shown in a darker font, whereas columns where the target value is unchanged are shown in a lighter font.

Multiple target values on POT charts

Progress over time (POT) charts show your target(s) (grey line) alongside your progress (blue line).

Keep up-to-date with the health of your KPI, and adjust your KPI target values as you progress, and we'll do the rest: your target line will automatically be adjusted to reflect your new target value:

Progress over time chart with a new target

Your KPIs status (healthy/unhealthy) will also reflect the new target. If your KPI is unhealthy, create an OKR to improve a KPI to communicate how you're planning to push the needle. Need a refresher on OKRs vs KPIs? Read this article.

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