Analyze your goals with standard tags or custom ones unique to you.

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Tags in Perdoo allow you to both organize and analyze your goals (Objectives, Key Results, Initiatives and KPIs). Our default tags help you identify and prioritize goals. With custom tags, Supreme customers can guarantee a smooth OKR drafting process, or easily highlight key themes, values, or even priorities. Custom tags give you the ultimate flexibility to analyze your goals as you wish.

With Goals, you’re able to create custom dashboards using your tags, visualize the progress of those goals, and export the data if needed.

Ways to use tags

Custom tags are only available to Premium+ customers. But our default tags will allow you to achieve the first two examples below:

  • Type of Objective. OKRs push you toward your Ultimate Goal. As a result, Objectives tend to often fit into the buckets of build, innovate, or improve. Trying to fix an unhealthy KPI? You could apply an improve tag to your Objective.

  • Priority. Within a quarter, you might have a bunch of OKRs, but one of them that you need to start before the others as it will take longer to produce results. If that’s the case, you could apply a high priority tag.

  • Company values. Organizations sometimes like to align OKRs to Company values. You can create custom tags for these values so that you can analyze those Objectives.

  • Same metrics across different teams. You may have teams that are responsible for the same metrics, but for different regions. For example, each is responsible for the customer satisfaction or response time for their specific area. You can apply a satisfaction tag or responsiveness tag so that you can see all of these in 1 view.

  • Cross-functional projects. Initiatives often require cross-functional collaboration. To keep track of the Engineering resources, for example, you can use an Engineering tag to identify all the Initiatives that require Engineering support. If there are different components of a large project spread out across multiple OKRs, you can also create a custom tag with that project name to keep track of all of the pieces.

Create custom tags

ℹ️ Available on Supreme.

Create custom tags in just a few seconds:

  1. Go to Configure > General > Tags (or follow this link).

  2. Click the + icon to add a tag.

  3. Name your tag, add a description (optional), and pick a color to quickly identify it.

  4. Hit Submit.

Add tags to Objectives, Results or KPIs

You can add tags during Objective, Key Result, Initiative or KPI creation under Advanced Options. If you’d like to add a tag to an existing goal, here’s how:


  1. Open the Objective

  2. Find the Tags field in the right side panel and click to select the tags

  3. Click Done

Key Result or Initiative

  • Click on the Key Result or Initiative

  • Find the Tags field in the right side panel and click to select the tags

  • Click Done


  • Click on the name of the KPI

  • Find the Tags field in the right side panel and click to select the tags

  • Click Done

Need help?

Need a hand? Contact our friendly Support team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email support@perdoo.com.

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