Writing great OKRs takes time and requires collaboration. But when you can see what has been worked on in the past, and what other teams are planning next quarter, it all becomes much simpler.

With tools to draft OKRs in Perdoo, you can plan out your future growth with a complete overview of how your strategy execution is going. And Perdoo's in-app guidance will help your team draft consistently great goals.

When creating an Objective, simply mark it as "Draft" to store it in the new Drafts list on your company or group page. From here, collaborate and discuss with your team, add any Key Results or Initiatives, and set it live when you're ready to go. Planning ahead for the next quarter? Perdoo will flag when it's time to work on it.

Draft an OKR

When creating or editing any Objective in Perdoo, simply click the toggle at the bottom of the screen to mark this Objective as "draft." The Objective and any Results you add will then be drafts.

You can draft an unlimited number of OKRs, and even use this feature to create a backlog of potential OKRs to prioritize once you're planning the next quarter.

View Draft OKRs

View draft OKRs in the "Drafts" list on Company, Group, or user pages. Draft OKRs are not included in aggregated progress calculations (eg on Group pages or reports). Your draft OKRs will be visible on your Roadmap, You can align OKRs to draft OKRs, to ensure alignment from one quarter to the next.

If you've planned ahead, and drafted an OKR for a future timeframe, Perdoo will encourage you to "Activate" this OKR once that timeframe becomes "Active," as shown below.

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