Check-ins are a simple way for everyone in your organization to stay on top of their goals. They also encourage transparency and reflecting on progress via Reflections (if enabled).

People can check in via the web app, mobile app, or through our Slack or Microsoft Teams integrations.

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Key benefits of using Check-ins:

  • Achieve more of your goals.
    Our Check-in feature has proven to boost goal attainment.

  • Spend less time updating goals.
    People using Check-ins save more than 1 working day a year.

  • Keep everyone in the loop on your progress.
    Regularly sharing how you're progressing keeps everyone informed.

How to set up Check-ins for your organization

All your Check-ins settings are bundled into a new section in Configure called Check-ins.

  • Check-in frequency

    • Choose from Weekly, Every two weeks, or Monthly.

    • We recommend Weekly.

    • Note that you can still adjust the update frequency per goal.

  • Check-in due

    • Choose the day when everybody’s Check-ins are to be submitted by.

    • The deadline is always set to the end of day for the selected day. End of day is based on your timezone setting.

  • Check-in due reminder

    • Make sure no one forgets to submit their Check-in! Choose when people should receive a reminder to submit their Check-in.

    • Ideally, this is 1 working day before the Check-ins are due.

    • People can choose to receive Check-in reminders via email, Slack and/or Teams.

  • Progress Report

    • Choose the hour that the progress reports will be sent out the day after Check-ins are due.

Important notes

  • The next step is to make sure that managers regularly review Check-ins of their direct reports. This helps them save time, be better managers, and deliver results that matter.

  • If Check-in reminders aren't received via email, check your personal notification settings to see if Check-in reminders are enabled. Then check your spam folder.

  • If Reflections are enabled, all users are expected to check in — even if they don't lead any goals.

  • You can update progress either individually or through Check-in, If you update progress for each goal individually, it will not register as a Check-in. In order to register as a Check-in you need to use the Check-in feature.

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