It's always nice to centralize everything in one spot. If you use Microsoft Teams you can easily add Perdoo so that it's integrated into your existing workflow. You'll make your goals more accessible and can discuss them on the fly using Team's conversations function.

Coming soon: A deeper integration with Microsoft Teams

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The simplest way to add Perdoo to Teams is to add Perdoo as its own team, and embed the Perdoo app as a tab within that team. This acts as a shortcut so you'll always know where to find all your goals.

1. Create a Team for Perdoo. Choose to "build it from scratch."

2. Select this team to automatically be shown to your whole organization. Or if you'd prefer to only show Perdoo do a portion of your company, you can do that too.

3. Pick a name eg "Our goals" and add a description.

4. Once you've created your team, add a new tab to this team's page. Choose "Add website."

5. Pick a name for this tab, eg "Perdoo" and enter the URL

6. You'll then be prompted to login to Perdoo. And you'll then have embed Perdoo inside your Microsoft Teams instance.

Why not add Perdoo as a tab to each team's page, and then link to a corresponding Group page in Perdoo from that page? Here's what that would look like:

Alternatively, you can embed your Roadmap, or Check-ins page, rather than embedding Home as we did in step 5 above. Just change the URL that you enter.

Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) can also give your team a more seamless experience. You can enable SSO by following these instructions

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