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Share your wins, challenges, and progress with your manager and co-workers.

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Progress reports are the ideal way for employees to share their wins, challenges, and progress with their managers and co-workers.

Regular progress updates help your people achieve more goals, improve 1:1s with their managers, and remove recency bias from their performance reviews. All it takes is ~5 minutes!

People can share progress and update their goals via the web app, mobile app, or through our Slack or Microsoft Teams integrations.

How to set up Progress reports for your organization

All your Progress reports settings are bundled into a section in Configure called Progress reports.

  • Frequency

    • Choose from Weekly, Every two weeks, or Monthly.

    • We recommend Weekly.

    • Note that you can still adjust the update frequency per goal.

  • Update reminders

    • Make sure no one forgets to submit their Reflections and update their goals! Choose when and who (everyone or just goal leads) should receive a reminder.

    • Ideally, this is 1 working day before the cycle ends.

    • People can choose to receive reminders via email, Slack and/or Teams.

  • Progress report emails

    • Choose the hour that the progress reports will be sent out the day after the cycle ends to Managers. Example below:

The dates are hardcoded based on the above criteria, so it's currently not possible to customize a specific date.

Customizing your Progress Report

Progress Reports can include Reflections, Pulse surveys, and goal updates.

If you don't want to use one or more of these features you can toggle Reflections or Pulse on/off or customize your Reflections template.

By default, Reflections will ask the following:

  • What did you work on last week?

  • What will you focus on this week?

Superadmins can customize the Reflections template to suit your organization. Update your Reflections questions to help facilitate your weekly standup, integrate plans, progress, and problems, or any other weekly ritual you already use internally.

Important notes

  • Progress reports will include all updates made to goals during a cycle from anywhere in the app (eg. Home, Team, Profile pages etc), including by an integration.

  • The next step is to make sure that managers regularly review Progress Reports of their direct reports. This helps them save time, be better managers, and deliver results that matter.

  • If Progress report reminders aren't received via email, check your personal notification settings to see if Progress Report reminders are enabled. Then check your spam folder.

  • If Reflections are enabled, all users are expected to submit this update — even if they don't lead any goals.

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