Check-ins are a simple way for everyone in your organization to keep the goals that they lead up-to-date. (This article zooms in on the importance of keeping goals up-to-date.)

Main benefits of using Check-ins:

  • All goals are always up-to-date.
    With Check-ins you update all goals at once, so you'll never miss an update.
  • You spend less time updating goals.
    Save as much as 61%
  • You achieve more of your goals.
    Our data shows a strong correlation between frequent progress updates and goal attainment.

How to get the most out of Check-ins:

  • Define how often you want to update goals in your organization.
    We recommend that you do this every week. In Perdoo, go to Configure > General > Company and select your preferred option under ‘How often do you update goals?’. (If you can't access this option, please contact your Ambassador or someone with superadmin rights.) 
  • Send automated Check-in reminders
    Make sure no one forgets to submit their Check-in. The right timing to submit a Check-in is either at the end of a week (eg, Friday 5pm), or at the beginning of a week (eg, Monday at 9am).
  • Show everyone how to submit Check-ins
    Check-ins can be submitted through the Perdoo web app (here’s how), through our new mobile app, or through Slack.

    To submit Check-ins through Slack, go to Configure > Integrations > Slack and enable ‘Check-in reminders’ under Notifications. (If you don’t see this option, make sure to upgrade to our latest Slack integration).
  • Once this is enabled, users will receive the following reminder through Slack:

That’s all. The next step is to make sure that managers regularly review Check-ins of their direct reports. This helps them save time, be better managers, and deliver results that matter.

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