Share your wins, challenges, and progress with your manager and co-workers via Check-in.

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Check-ins are the ideal way for employees to share their wins, challenges, and progress with their managers and co-workers.

Regular Check-ins help your people achieve more goals, improve 1:1s with their managers, and remove recency bias from their performance reviews. All it takes is ~5 minutes per Check-in!

People can check in via the web app, mobile app, or through our Slack or Microsoft Teams integrations.

How to set up Check-ins for your organization

All your Check-ins settings are bundled into a new section in Configure called Check-ins.

  • Check-in frequency

    • Choose from Weekly, Every two weeks, or Monthly.

    • We recommend Weekly.

    • Note that you can still adjust the update frequency per goal.

  • Check-in due

    • Choose the day when everybody’s Check-ins are to be submitted by.

    • The deadline is always set to the end of day for the selected day. End of day is based on your timezone setting.

  • Check-in due reminder

    • Make sure no one forgets to submit their Check-in! Choose when people should receive a reminder to submit their Check-in.

    • Ideally, this is 1 working day before the Check-ins are due.

    • People can choose to receive Check-in reminders via email, Slack and/or Teams.

  • Progress Report

    • Choose the hour that the progress reports will be sent out the day after Check-ins are due.

The dates are hardcoded based on the above criteria, so it's currently not possible to customize a specific date.

Customizing your Check-in form

By default, Check-ins include Reflections, Pulse surveys, and Kudos.

If you don't want to use one or more of these features, go to Configure > General > Features to toggle these on/off or to customize your Reflections.

Important notes

  • The next step is to make sure that managers regularly review Check-ins of their direct reports. This helps them save time, be better managers, and deliver results that matter.

  • If Check-in reminders aren't received via email, check your personal notification settings to see if Check-in reminders are enabled. Then check your spam folder.

  • If Reflections are enabled, all users are expected to check in — even if they don't lead any goals.

  • You can update progress either individually or through Check-in, If you update progress for each goal individually, it will not register as a Check-in. In order to register as a Check-in you need to use the Check-in feature.

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