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Create, update, and achieve goals
Create, update, and achieve goals

This is what it's all about.

Add Company KPIsMonitor the health of your company's business as usual work.
Add Company OKRsProvide direction on where you want to go.
How to write good Company OKRsThree tips for setting Company Objectives.
Set monthly KPI targetsDetermine or adjust target values for your KPIs over time.
How to set annual or quarterly targets for KPIs
How to reflect your team's work in PerdooDetermine whether to add a KPI, an OKR, or an Initiative.
Add KPIs for a TeamMonitor the health of your business as usual with KPIs.
How to involve team members during OKR creationMake goal setting an inclusive experience.
Create ObjectivesObjectives define the goals that you'd like to achieve and rally your team around a common purpose.
Customize how progress is calculated for ObjectivesLearn how Key Results, Initiatives, and aligned OKRs impact progress for an Objective.
Create an OKR to improve a KPIFix an unhealthy KPI or take a healthy KPI to the next level.
Shared OKRs and KPIs
Include ContributorsEmpower your team by including people who help you achieve goals.
Draft OKRsWrite great OKRs in the place your strategy and all your goals live.
Make an OKR or KPI privateCreate goals that are only visible to a select group of people.
Add Key ResultsKey Results measure and ultimately validate the success of your Objective. Learn about lagged metrics.
How to change the owner of a KPI or Objective
Add InitiativesInitiatives are your outputs: the projects or tasks you complete in hopes of making an impact on your Key Result.
Cloning OKRsCopy an OKR and its Initiatives to another timeframe.