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Why can't I see my OKR on the Map?
Why can't I see my OKR on the Map?
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If you can't see your Objective on your Map, here are a few common alignment errors to consider:

  • Map defaults to the current/active timeframe, ie. the current quarter. So if you are building OKRs in for a future timeframe, make sure to filter for the correct timeframe on the left-hand side. Or if you're planning for the year ahead, your best option is to delete the previous year's timeframe in Configure, so that Map automatically shows the next year.

    Timeframe dropdown menu in Roadmap

  • To create alignment you need to add a progression. For example, if you have a Strategic Pillar and a quarterly OKR, you need to add a timeframe in between, for example an annual OKR. In this case, you would add an annual OKR, align the annual OKR to the Strategic Pillar, and then the quarterly OKR to the annual OKR, and so on.

  • If you chose Skip and skipped alignment altogether (check the What will this OKR do? options when editing the Objective), you won't see your Objective on Map. If you do want to see it then consider aligning it to an OKR or Strategic Pillar instead. And if you aligned your OKR to improve a KPI, you may need to scroll right (your KPI will be to the right of your Pillars).

    Modify alignment when editing Objective

  • You can only see OKRs aligned to KPIs (which are aligned to a Strategic Pillar) on the Map if the OKR is at the top-most cadence (see screenshot above for the option). If you create an OKR to improve a KPI, you will see the OKR on the KPI Boards but not the Map:

  • If it's an unaligned Objective, you won't find it on the Map.

    Show unaligned Objectives button to show tab

    * NOTE: Unaligned Objectives in the topmost cadence appear on the Map, not in the tab.

  • You're only able to align active OKRs on the Map. If you have a draft OKR, switch your OKR from Draft mode to Active in order to be able to view them.

* NOTE: Draft OKRs are visible on your Map while private OKRs or KPIs are not.

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