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Where can I find my unaligned Objectives?
Where can I find my unaligned Objectives?
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You can find your Objectives that are not aligned to another Objective, a KPI, or a Strategic Pillar in two ways:

1. Map: Click on the red Show unaligned Objectives button on the top right:

An Unaligned Objectives tab will appear at the top of your screen. You can then open (top-right corner of the tile) or drag and drop your Objectives:

Show unaligned Objectives icon in Roadmap

* NOTE: Unaligned Objectives in the topmost cadence appear on the Map, not in the tab.

2. Goals: Use the Aligned to column to see which Objectives are not aligned (the field will be blank) in the regular view or, in the charts view, click on Show unaligned:

Charts view icon
Show unaligned link

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