For each group, you can track both OKRs and KPIs. To add goals to a group, you need to be a member.

What's the difference between OKRs and KPIs?

  • OKRs are the perfect instrument to keep track of your ambitions.
  • KPIs are the perfect instrument to keep track of business as usual.

Imagine your organization is a car and you’re driving that car towards a destination (your ultimate goal):

  • Your KPIs are what you’ll find on your car’s dashboard, like the fuel gauge and engine temperature gauge. They prevent the engine from overheating and make sure you won’t run out of gas, which are all things that you’ll constantly need to watch (ie, your business as usual).
  • OKRs are like your roadmap, they’ll guide you to your destination. OKRs are temporary, they’ll change from time to time. Once you’ve passed a landmark towards your destination, you’ll focus on the next one (ie, your ambitions). 

To add an OKR or KPI:

  • Go to a group page
    Click here to browse all your groups, or use the search functionality in the top right corner.
  • Click on Add KPI or Add Objective
    Or click on the + icon.

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