First, we'll explain what Initiatives are. Then we'll explain how to add them to an OKR.

What are Initiatives?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results:

  • The Objective tells you where to go (eg, New York).
  • The Key Results tell you if you're getting there (think of them as a GPS device).
  • The Initiatives show you what you're doing to get there (eg, buy a car, drive east).

In other words, Initiatives are all those projects and tasks that you believe will help achieve those Key Results!

For more info, check out The ultimate guide to OKR.

To add an Initiative to an OKR:

  • Click on the OKR open it
    Clicking on the OKR from anywhere in the app opens the OKR modal.
  • Go to the Key Results & Initiatives tab
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on the option '+ Add'
  • Select Add Initiative

Good to know:

If someone has added you as a contributor for an OKR, you'll be notified about this in the Alert section on your Home view.

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