• Before adding goals to Perdoo, you must first create groups.
  • To add groups, you must have admin rights.
  • You need to be a member to add goals to a group.

What are groups?

Groups let you organize your goals (as well as your people). Groups enable you to keep track of how certain areas of your business are performing. For example, if you create a Marketing group, you'll have all your marketing KPIs and OKRs in one place.

Your Home view makes it easy to keep track of groups. To add a group to your Home view, bookmark it or add yourself as a member.

Which groups should I create?

The groups you'll create in Perdoo is usually similar to your organization's structure

To create a group:

(At this point, it's not necessary to involve other users. However, if you'd like to involve group leads right away, you must first invite them to Perdoo.)

  1. Click on Configure in the left sidebar
  2. Navigate to the Groups tab
  3. Click on Add group
  4. Add a name
    Eg, Marketing, Sales, Product.
  5. Select a cadence
    The cadence defines how often this group will be setting goals. For most organizations and groups, this will be quarterly.
  6. Disable KPIs if you don't want to track KPIs for this group.
    We recommend you to keep KPIs enabled, here's why.
  7. Hit Submit

Pro tip:

  • Repeat this until you have at least 3 groups set up, so that you can easily see how different areas of your business are performing (eg, Marketing, Sales, Support).
  • If you're not a member of those groups, bookmark the groups you just created.
  • Add goals for each group, or invite the group leads (eg, department heads, team leads), and let them add goals.

Which groups should I join?

The groups that you'll find in Perdoo are usually similar to your organization's structure. Are you a member of the Marketing team, then join the Marketing group in Perdoo!

To join a group:

  1. Search for your group using the search feature in the top right corner.
  2. If your group exists but you're not a member yet, ask the group lead to add you.

Here's how you'll recognize the group lead:

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