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How Perdoo helps managers keep their team engaged.

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Your people are your most valuable resource. Managers are responsible for developing, motivating, and driving the success of their team. Perdoo helps managers to:

  • Keep their team accountable with Reflections and goal updates.

  • Keep them engaged with Pulse surveys.

  • Have them perform at their best with Performance Reviews

  • Support and coach them with 1:1s

How to add a manager

Stay informed about your direct reports

The day after the cycle due date, managers will receive an overview of the Reflections for their direct reports via email. This includes a summary of who submitted their Reflections (and who didn't) and when.

Make sure this notification is turned on under Personal settings > Notifications:

You can also go to the Direct reports tab on your own Profile to stay informed about your direct reports' Reflections (including Pulse) and goal progress. Click the icon to see their latest Progress report. Hover over the Pulse score to see their comments (if any).

Keeping your finger on engagement with Pulse surveys

ℹ️ Enabling Pulse surveys requires Superadmin rights. Learn how to enable this feature here.

A Pulse survey is embedded in the Reflections feature, making it easy for employees to regularly report on how they feel. They'll select how they're feeling based on a scale from 1 to 5. They can then add a comment to provide further feedback behind your rating. Learn why Pulse surveys are important here.

To find someone's Pulse scores, click on their name on Home or go to the Progress reports tab on their user profile and click the cycle or View details. Note that individual Pulse scores are only visible to the employee and their manager.

Driving success with Performance Reviews

ℹ️ Enabling Performance Reviews requires Superadmin rights. Learn how to enable this feature here.

Performance Reviews encourage a healthy conversation around performance, goals, career growth, achievements, challenges, and more. Performance Reviews help your team reach its full potential and contribute effectively to the organization as a whole. Learn everything you need to know about Performance Reviews here.

Providing support with 1:1s

ℹ️ Enabling 1:1s requires Superadmin rights. Learn how to enable this feature here.

Regular 1:1s with direct reports boost goal attainment, improve employee engagement, and enhance collaboration. With 1:1s in Perdoo, we make it easy for managers and their direct reports to collaborate on talking points, keep track of action items, and exchange feedback. In other words, we'll help you have useful and engaging conversations.

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