1:1 meetings

Collaborate on meeting agendas, assign action items, and exchange feedback.

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Regular 1:1s with direct reports and/or co-workers boost goal attainment, improve employee engagement, and enhance collaboration.

With 1:1s in Perdoo, we make it easy for managers and their direct reports to collaborate on talking points, keep track of action items, and exchange feedback. In other words, we'll help you have useful and engaging conversations.

Learn everything you need to know about 1:1s here.

How to enable 1:1s

ℹ️ This step requires Admin or Superadmin rights.

The 1:1 meetings feature will become available within the Users section in your left sidebar. This new tab will host all our people management features like Performance Reviews and 1:1s.

How to create a new 1:1 meeting

  • Head over to the 1:1s tab.

  • Click the + icon (top-right) or 'Plan a 1:1' button for the user that you wish to have a 1:1 with.

  • Select how often you want this 1:1 to take place.

  • Choose the date.

  • Hit Save.

How to conduct a 1:1

Keep track of what's discussed and agreed upon in your 1:1 by using the following features:

  • Talking points:

    • are automatically assigned to the typer.

    • can be re-assigned by clicking on the avatar.

    • can be made recurring, by hovering to the right and clicking on 'make recurring' icon, and the same vice versa.

    • Recurring talking points will show up for every 1:1 meeting, regardless of whether the talking point is checked off or not.

  • Templates

    • Templated talking points can be applied to encourage structured 1:1s within yor company.

    • Click on the 'Use a template' button to apply an existing template or a newly created template.

      • Feel free to leverage one of the templates provided by Perdoo

      • Or create and add a new template for your organization

  • Action items

    • Add and assign action items as they come up during the meeting, to ensure that they won't go lost.

    • Action items can be re-assigned by clicking on the avatar.

    • Action items can be assigned due dates by hovering to the right and clicking on the due date icon, to select the date that the item should be due.

    • Action items that are assigned to you will show on your home page.

  • Notes (shared or private)

    • Write down notes, either shared or private, to record important details from your 1:1.

Contextual panel

Our contextual panel promotes useful and engaging conversations.

For the user it surfaces:

  • Goals, where they are responsible

  • Progress reports

  • Kudos, recently given by peers

How to end your 1:1 meeting

When done, one participant will need to click on the End 1-1 meeting button to complete the meeting. This will automatically generate the agenda for the next 1:1.

⚠️ Important

  • When the 1-1 meeting has been ended, any unchecked Talking points or Action items will automatically be carried over to the next 1:1.

Scheduling 1:1s

1. Setting the time and frequency for the 1:1s

  • Define how regular the 1:1 meeting should take place when creating a 1:1 meeting.

  • Edit the 1:1 settings If you'd like to change the general time or frequency of these meetings

2. Altering a single 1:1 meeting slot

Meeting times can often change, especially when conflicts arise on an ad-hoc basis in busy schedules. In Perdoo, you can easily revise the time for your meetings by following the instructions below.


  • Go to your 1:1s and open the 1:1.

  • Click the pencil icon next to the date and time of your 1:1.

  • Select the date and time you wish to move this meeting to.


  • Go to your 1:1s and open the 1:1.

  • Click the pencil icon next to the date and time of your 1:1.

  • Click 'Cancel meeting'.

3. Turning off 1:1s
1:1 If you have a 1:1 meeting that is no longer needed you can either:

1) Deactivate it - turns off the 1:1 and still be able to access the history

  • Option 1:

    • Go to your 1:1s.

    • Click the 3-dot menu of the 1:1 and select Edit.

  • Option 2:

    • Go to your 1:1s and open the 1:1.

    • Switch the 'active' toggle off within the edit modal.

2) Delete - turns off the 1:1 and deletes everything associated with it

Managing your 1:1 email notifications

Go to the account level to Configure > Notifications

  • Send 1:1 meeting reminders before the meeting:
    The reminder will be sent 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting.

  • Send notification when a 1:1 setup is created:
    This notification will be triggered when you set up a new 1:1.

  • Send a reminder if a 1:1 meeting is not finished:
    This will be sent 24 hours after the designated meeting time when the 1:1 has not been ended.

  • 1:1 action item due date reminder
    This will be sent to the assigned user at 8am on the due date of the action item.

Important notes ⚠️

  • If you wish to disable 1:1s, you can do so from Configure.

  • When you click 'End 1:1 meeting', any unchecked Talking points or Action items will automatically be carried over to the next 1:1.

Coming soon 🎁

  • Microsoft Outlook integration.

Need help?

Need a hand? Contact our friendly Support team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email support@perdoo.com.

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