Before you proceed, we highly recommend reading this blog post about individual OKRs and personal development goals.

How to add individual OKRs and personal development goals

All OKRs and KPIs must have an Owner and a Lead. The Owner is always a group. The Lead is always an individual.

Individual OKRs and Personal development goals can be added in two different ways:

  1. Add them to existing Groups (eg. Sales, Marketing) and assign the Lead for the Objective, its Key Results, and Initiatives all to the same person.

  2. Create a special Group (eg. "Individuals & Personal Goals") for all individual goals, and assign this Group as the Owner for all individual OKRs and personal development goals.

    Please note: anyone can be assigned as a Lead of a goal, not only Group members, so it's not necessary to make everyone a Group member.

    Individual and personal development goals Group

In both cases, Premium users can use private OKRs and KPIs to hide these goals so they're only visible to the individual and their manager.

💡 Pro tip: Using Perdoo for performance reviews? Easily view a snapshot of an individual's progress by exporting their profile page and uploading it to your HR management system. First, select Show KRs & Initiatives (optional: filter Results by All Result types, Key Results only, or Initiatives only), then Print full page:

Export profile pages for performance reviews

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