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Is my progress calculated automatically?
Is my progress calculated automatically?
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The progress of an Objective (percentage) is separate from the goal status (colour):

Objective's status and progress

An Objective's progress is automatically updated as it is based on either its Key Results (default) or Aligned Objectives (optional). As you update your Key Results or Aligned Objectives, the progress for your Objective will automatically update as well. Initiatives are not calculated into the Objective's progress.

ℹ️ Some only available on Supreme.

💡 Pro tip: Automate your progress updates for KPIs, Key Results, and Initiatives via integrations.

In Perdoo, both Key Results and Initiatives are called Results. Key Results are identified by a blue check mark icon whereas Initiatives are identified by a green checklist icon:

Some key points to consider with progress (percentage):

  • If flexible Objective progress is enabled for your account, progress could propagate up: by choosing Aligned Objectives as the driver of progress, the progress of child OKRs will push the progress of parent OKRs.

  • In either flexible progress options, the Objective's respective Key Results or Aligned Objectives are each weighted equally. Please note that any negative values will be treated as 0% in this weighting process.

Whereas a goal's status (on track, needs attention, etc.) is not automatically updated.

  • You set your subjective status of “on track” or “off track” when you update your Key Result. This is based on your own confidence levels of the goal.

  • You should also note that the logic of an Objective is based on the weakest Key Result status (excluding the none status). For example, if you have an Objective with 2 Key Results where one is off track and one is on track, the Objective status will be off track.

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