As you already know, OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. The Objective tells you where you want to be by the end of a given timeframe and Key Results give you feedback as to whether or not you're getting there. In Perdoo there's a third element that we integrate into the process, Initiatives. 

To achieve certain results, you need to take action - Key Results won't magically move, they need to be pushed. Initiatives are all those projects you believe will help achieve the desired outcomes. In other words, Initiatives are hypotheses that are validated through Key Result progress, but are not included in its progress status. An Objective's progress is measured by its Key Results only.

What does this look like in practice? The idea behind Initiatives is that you add the high-level project into Perdoo and then you manage the sub-tasks in your project/task management system:

  • Some customers add everything they'll do as an Initiative.

  • While others add the main project and then add a link to the project under the description of the Initiative. That way anyone can follow up on the details if they wish to.

* NOTE: In the platform, both Initiatives and Key Results are considered "Results", so you can change an Initiative to a Key Result and visa versa by editing the Result and selecting Key Result or Initiative instead.

Key Results are marked by a blue arrow symbol while Initiatives are marked by a green list/check mark symbol:

Results as Key Results and Initiatives

Due date

If you want to add an end date to your Initiatives, you can do this in the Advanced Options section (scroll to the bottom) when creating or editing an Initiative:

Advanced Options when editing Initiative

Identifying Initiatives vs Key Results

Perdoo helps you navigate the difference between Key Results and Initiatives. In-app intelligence warns you when creating Key Results that should probably be Initiatives.

For example, if your Key Result runs from 0-100% progress, it's likely a project or task (an Initiative). Perdoo will show a helpful warning so you can set and achieve consistently great goals.

Initiative detection in Perdoo

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