The goal lead is the person ultimately responsible for a goal, but that usually doesn't mean the lead is the only person working on that goal (learn why).

You can lead a KPI, Objective, Key Result or Initiative.

The goal lead is responsible for:

  • Updating progress

  • Keeping the goal on track

  • Act as the main point of contact when someone has a question about that goal

Who should be the lead?

As an executive or group lead (eg, department head or team lead), you should not lead all the KPIs or OKRs. You simply don't have the time.

Instead, you should delegate responsibility and assign fellow group members as the lead to your organization's or team's goals.

Use this table as a guideline:

How to assign a lead for a goal

  • Edit a goal by clicking on the 3-dot menu, and select 'Edit'

  • Select the new lead in the popup that opens. If they're yet to be added as a user, simply enter their email into the Lead field to invite them to Perdoo!

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