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With so many goals being worked on at the same time, getting an overview of performance across teams and departments can be tough. Performance Reports provide a holistic overview of how your entire organization is performing across different timeframes and levels.

Stay on top of all goals across your organization. See which Groups are on track, or spot issues early on so you can help to remove roadblocks where needed.

  1. First, select whether you'd like to see the performance of the entire company or particular group(s), from the following options:

    • Company & all groups (everything including subgroups)

    • Company & top-level groups (excludes subgroups)

    • Company only (company-owned goals only)

    • Top level groups (select a group; subgroups not included)

      Company or group(s) options

  2. Then use the filter on the left to see data for a specific time period (updates are calculated per week):

Choose between active, recent, and past timeframes

Let’s look at each individual report by section:

Sample Performance Reports

Progress over time: How are all your OKRs progressing?

This chart shows the overall progress for every OKR in the selected timeframe. Drill down into the chart to see percentage change from week to week.

Progress over time charts in Perdoo

OKRs overall progress: A gauge of your current progress

In a hurry? This meter shows current progress across all OKRs in your organization. For past timeframes, it shows historical progress.

OKRs overall progress meter in Perdoo

OKRs by status: What needs attention?

This pie chart helps you to quickly view the status of your OKRs and take action if too many are marked “off track” or “at risk.” Click into each section to get a list of relevant OKRs. This chart is available in active timeframes only.

OKRs by status report in Perdoo

Goals count: How many goals are in this timeframe?

A quick look at the number of Objectives, Key Results, and Initiatives in the respective timeframe. Click any item to view a list in Goals.

Goals count in Perdoo

KPIs: How’s your business as usual performing?

Get a quick look at your “business as usual” work. If everything is in order, you can keep focused on your OKRs. Got some unhealthy KPIs? Click “Unhealthy” to view a filtered list so you can work together with the people responsible to get them back on track.

KPI health report in Perdoo

Progress by group: Which areas of your business need help?

This chart is ideal for your executive team to identify issues across Groups, and adjust resources where necessary.

OKR progress by group report in Perdoo

Need a hand? Contact our friendly Support team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email support@perdoo.com.

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