Weekly progress reports are summary emails sent out by Perdoo once per week to Group members or to Executives.

They offer an actionable snapshot of the health of your group’s KPIs, plus progress on Objectives, and a summary of updates in the past week. That's a ton of succinct information, all delivered straight to your inbox.

What's included?

The company progress report is sent to Executives (you determine who this is in Configure) and the Group report is sent to Group members (automatically). Both reports contain information relevant to their respective Group or Company.

  • KPIs: In terms of their health, does something need your attention or does everything look good?

  • Active OKRs: Aggregate progress on all active OKRs so you can quickly get an overview.

  • Objectives: Check on the status (eg. "off track") and weekly change in progress.

  • Updates: A brief look at what's new with your Key Results and Initiatives.

View an example Weekly progress report.

How to turn on Weekly progress reports

Superadmins can turn on Weekly progress reports from Configure > General tab > Notifications (or click here).

From there, you can adjust the day and time that the emails will be sent.

  • When will your team find these reports most useful? Pro tip: avoid sending early on a Monday or last thing on a Friday when inboxes are either overcrowded or ready for the weekend.

Note that Weekly Progress Reports must be enabled for the Company for you to be able to receive them.

Once enabled for the Company, you can toggle them on or off for yourself. Go to Personal Settings (top-right corner of your screen) > Notifications tab > Send Me Weekly... (or click here):

Weekly progress reports settings in personal settings notifications

Determine Executives for weekly company report

Enable executives weekly company reports in Configure > General tab > Notifications (last toggle). Then determine who sees this report in Configure> General tab > Company details:

Mark Executives in Configure

Need a hand? Contact our friendly Support team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email support@perdoo.com.

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