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Team Progress reports

Stay informed about a team's performance without having to log in to Perdoo.

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Team Progress reports summarize a team's progress and performance for the previous cycle. A team member will automatically receive these reports, as well as anyone who has favorited that team. You can choose to receive these reports via email and/or Slack.

They offer an actionable snapshot of the health of a team's KPIs, progress on OKRs, and they highlight recent updates. That's a ton of succinct information, all delivered straight to your inbox and/or Slack channel.

What's a Team Progress report?

What's included?

  • Team Review: A summary reflecting on victories, challenges/observations and next steps.

  • KPIs: In terms of their health, does something need your attention or does everything look good?

  • Active OKRs: Aggregate progress on all active OKRs so you can quickly get an overview.

  • Objectives: Check on the status (eg. "off track") and weekly change in progress.

  • Updates: A brief look at what's new with your Key Results and Initiatives.

Who is the report for?

  • Co-workers

  • Leadership (leadership can choose to receive an Team Progress report by favoriting a team).

Where can you find User Progress reports in Perdoo?

  • Team Progress reports are stored on a Team's Progress reports tab.

How to configure Team Progress reports?

ℹ️ This requires Superadmin rights.

Superadmins can configure Progress reports from Configure > Progress reporting > Teams.

  • Frequency: How often you want Team Progress reports to be generated. The default will be Monthly, but you can change it to Weekly or Every 2 weeks.

Need help?

Contact our friendly Support team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email

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