There’s always a million things going on at the same time. Everything seems important, and everything looks urgent. It’s hard to filter out the noise and stay focused on the things that truly matter. How do you solve that challenge?

Our Home view offers a place where you can keep track of everything that matters, to you. What matters to you can differ from what matters to your colleagues, so we’ve made your new Home customizable 👊

Continue reading to learn how Home helps you:

  • 🚀 Stay on top of your goals
  • 🎯 Track relevant groups of goals
  • 📈 Keep your direct reports on track

If you’d like to get started right away, here’s how to customize your Home view.

🚀 Home helps you stay on top of your goals

The number one reason for not achieving a goal is losing track of it.

Home compiles all the goals that you lead, from all active timeframes and from all different groups. You’ll never lose track of a goal again. And on top of that, you’ll get a quick understanding of how your goals are progressing, enabling you to see what needs your attention most.

In addition, Home will notify you when your next Check-in is due, so your goals are always up-to-date.

🎯 Home helps you track relevant groups of goals

Groups in Perdoo let you organize your goals (as well as your people). You can assign both KPIs and OKRs to a group, so you’ll have—for example—all your Marketing, Sales, and Product goals in one place.

Home lets you track these “groups of goals”, enabling you to see how each area of your business is performing. Groups that you’re a member of are automatically added to Home, but you can also add other groups by starring them.

Finally, have that overview you’ve always been looking for!

📈 Home helps you keep your direct reports on track

Goals will be achieved when someone has been made responsible, and when that person is being kept accountable.

Our recently released Check-ins feature makes it simple for everyone—you and your direct reports—to keep themselves on track. Home even goes a step further: it shows you all your direct reports and their most recent Check-ins. These Check-ins can be reviewed (here’s how), making it easy for you to keep your direct reports accountable, as well as to provide the required support.

You’ll see that the number of goals that you and your direct reports achieve will go up significantly.

🔔 BONUS: Alerts

On top of this, Home will also alert you about anything that requires your attention. For example, if you’ve been assigned as a contributor to an Objective, but you’re not contributing to any Key Results or Initiatives yet, Home will tell you. Forgot to close an OKR? Home has got your back!

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