Creating an environment that fosters recognition helps with employee retention, productivity, and innovation. Learn why peer recognition is important here.

Publicly give Kudos to your colleagues to celebrate a job well done, acknowledge outstanding performance, recognize their impact, or simply say “Thank you”.

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Where to send Kudos from

You can send Kudos from:

  • The top right of Home screen.

  • At the bottom of each Check-in form.

  • From any user's Profile page.

Where to find Kudos given in your organization

  • You'll see all Kudos from everyone on your Home screen in the Kudos feed (top right).

  • You can see all Kudos sent and received by a specific user on the Kudos tab on their Profile.

How to enable/disable Kudos

For this step, you need to have admin or superadmin rights.

  • Go to Configure>Features.

  • Check the box for Kudos (beta).

  • Hit Save at the bottom of the page.

Important notes

  • In order to send Kudos you must mention at least one person. You can also mention multiple people.

  • Recipients will be notified via email when you submit your Kudos.

  • If you wish to disable Kudos, you can do so from Configure.

  • Learn why peer recognition is important here.

  • Kudos will be free whilst in beta, which will last at least until end of year. After beta, there may be an additional charge involved. The team will inform you well in advance if that is the case.

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