Make peer recognition a habit.

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Creating an environment that fosters recognition helps with employee retention, productivity, and innovation. Learn why peer recognition is important here.

Publicly give Kudos to your colleagues to celebrate a job well done, acknowledge outstanding performance, recognize their impact, or simply say “Thank you”.

Where to send Kudos from

You can send Kudos from:

  • At the bottom of your Home screen.

  • At the bottom of each Check-in form.

  • From any user's Profile page.

Where to find Kudos given in your organization

  • You'll see all Kudos from everyone on your Home screen in the Kudos feed (top right).

  • You can see all Kudos sent and received by a specific user on the Kudos tab on their Profile.

How to enable/disable Kudos

For this step, you need to have admin or superadmin rights.

  • Check the box for Kudos (beta).

  • Hit Save at the bottom of the page.

Important notes

  • In order to send Kudos you must mention at least one person. You can also mention multiple people.

  • Recipients will be notified via email when you submit your Kudos.

  • If you wish to disable Kudos, you can do so from Configure.

  • Learn why peer recognition is important here.

Need help?

Contact our friendly Support team via the live chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email support@perdoo.com.

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