Review Check-ins from your direct reports
Save time, be a better manager, and boost goal attainment.
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As a manager, you can easily review the Check-ins of your direct reports. 

This lets you:

  • Save time in 1:1s
    Heck, you may even want to reduce the frequency of 1:1s.

  • 😇 Be a better manager
    Keep your team on track while maintaining your distance.

  • 🚀 Deliver results that matter
    Drive the organization—and your career—forward.

How it works:

  • Configure Check-ins
    If you haven’t done so already, configure Check-ins (and Reflections) for your team and organization.

  • Make sure your direct reports have selected you as their manager in Perdoo
    Users can select their manager via Personal settings; Admins can set a user’s manager via Configure > Users > Edit user.

  • Explain the importance of frequent progress updates
    This article may help. They may not agree, but at least they know why.

  • Review your direct reports’ Check-ins
    You’ll find your direct reports on your Home view. Once they have submitted their Check-in, you’ll see Checked-in beside their name. Clicking on Checked-in will take you directly to their most recent Check-in. Here's an example of what that'll look like.

Direct reports on right-hand side of Home view

We recommend that you review the Check-in during your 1:1 with your direct report (here’s why). However, you can also review the Check-in in your own time. In both cases, you’ll always be fully up-to-date on your direct reports’ progress, which enables you to make sure they perform well at work.

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