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With a ton of things to focus on, it's hard to filter out the noise to stay focused on things that truly matter.

The Home view is your place to keep track of everything that matters most to you. That'll be different from what matters to coworkers, so customize it to make Home your own.

📝 Submit your Reflections

Submit Reflections (including Pulse) to share challenges and wins with your team and resolve blockers by taking action early. Reflections function as a weekly update/standup or status report to keep your team informed.

🚀 Stay on top of your goals

The number one reason for not achieving a goal is losing track of it.

Home compiles all the goals that you lead or contribute to, from all active timeframes, and from all different teams. You’ll never lose track of a goal again. And on top of that, you’ll get a quick understanding of how your goals are progressing, enabling you to see what needs your attention most.

You can easily see which goals you need to update. A banner will tell you how many goals need to be updated and clicking on ‘Show Goals’ will filter for all the goals that have an ‘Update due’.

A goal will surface as 'Update due' at the start of each new cycle.

  • If the update frequency is weekly, the goal will be marked Update due every Monday —encouraging you to submit your progress for the previous week.

  • If the update frequency is monthly, it will be marked Update due on the first day of a new month, asking you to submit progress for the previous month.

🎯 Filter out the noise

Teams in Perdoo let you organize your goals (as well as your people). You can assign both KPIs and OKRs to a team, so you’ll have—for example—all your Marketing, Sales, and Product goals in one place.

Home lets you track these “groups of goals,” enabling you to see how each area of your business is performing. Teams that you’re a member of are automatically added to Home, but you can also add other Teams by favoriting them.

Finally, have that overview you’ve always been looking for!

📈 Help team members stay on track

Goals will be achieved when someone has been made responsible, and when that person is being kept accountable.

Home shows you all your direct reports, their % of goals up-to-date and most recent Reflections. Their Progress reports can be reviewed (here’s how), making it easy for you to keep your direct reports accountable, as well as to provide the required support.

You’ll see that the number of goals that you and your direct reports achieve will go up significantly.

✅ Get important work done

Any pending 1:1 action items will be listed here to ensure you're completing them on time. Check them off from Home to show they've been done.

🎉 Send and see Kudos

ℹ️ Enabling Kudos requires Admin or Superadmin rights. Learn how to enable this feature here.

Publicly give Kudos to your colleagues to celebrate a job well done, acknowledge outstanding performance, recognize their impact, or simply say “Thank you”. Then, see all Kudos from everyone in the Kudos feed.

Find more information on Kudos here.

Need help?

Contact our friendly Support team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email support@perdoo.com.

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