Company OKRs are about providing direction as to where you want the Company to be at by the end of a specific timeframe (top-bottom), and letting teams decide how they'll make that happen (bottom-up). 

Company OKRs are usually annual and sit right below either your Mission & Vision or your Strategic OKRs (only if you've added the Strategic layer under your Mission & Vision).

The first thing you need to add to Perdoo is the Objective. Keep in mind that only superadmins can add, edit and update them. 

When formulating your Company Objectives:

  • Be sure they can be influence by most of the organization
  • Use inspirational language 
  • Make them relatable/understandable

To add the Company Objectives:

  1. From the left navigation menu, click on Company
  2. Click on the + on the right 
  3. Add a title
  4. Add answers to Why is it important? and Why is it urgent?
  5. Click Next for Ownership
  6. Select Company Level
  7. Select Lead (typically the CEO)
  8. Click Next for Alignment
  9. Select a higher-level Objective (Mission & Vision or Strategic OKR)
  10. Click Next for Finalize
  11. Select the Timeframe
  12. Add Tags (if applicable)
  13. Click Done

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