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Add Company OKRs

Provide direction on where you want to go.

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Company OKRs are about providing direction as to where you want the Company to be at by the end of a specific timeframe (top-bottom), and letting teams decide how they'll make that happen (bottom-up).

Need inspiration? Check out our OKR + KPI Example Library.

Company OKRs are usually annual and sit right below either your Ultimate Goal or, if enabled, your Strategic Pillars.

With your strategy (Ultimate Goal and Strategic Pillars) set up in Perdoo, it's then time to add your Company OKRs. We'd recommend picking the 3-5 core themes for your organization this year.

Only Superadmins can add, edit, and update Company Objectives.

When formulating your Company Objectives:

  • Be sure they can be influenced by most of the organization

  • Use inspirational language 

  • Make them relatable/understandable

Add or draft the Company Objectives

  1. From Strategy> Map or your Company page, click on the plus sign +

  2. The Objective creation modal will open.

  3. Under Name, add your Company Objective

  4. Add a thorough description to make it easier to understand.

  5. Verify the Company is marked as the Owner

  6. Select the CEO or an Executive as the Lead

  7. Confirm that the selected Timeframe is the correct one

  8. Pick the Strategic Pillar that this Objective supports (if enabled)

  9. Choose whether progress is calculated by its Key Results or Aligned Objectives

  10. Add Contributors (optional)

  11. Add tags to classify your Objective (optional)

  12. Saving it as a draft? Click the draft toggle on. Read more on Draft OKRs.

  13. Click Save or Save & Add Result (if you're ready to add a Key Result or Initiative)

Add Key Results

OKR consists of an Objective, which defines the goal to be achieved, and Key Results, which measure progress towards the Objective. Adding Key Results to your company OKRs will help you remove ambiguity and specify what success really means to you.

Key Results:

  • Are outcomes

  • Are something you achieve

  • Quantify the Objective

  • Challenging, but not impossible

* NOTE: It can sometimes be difficult to define a Key Result for a Company Objective. If that's the case, you could choose to measure progress on the Company Objective based on its aligned Objectives.

Add Key Result

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