It's a team effort to achieve your goals. Commenting in Perdoo is a useful tool to increase communication, collaboration and teamwork. Depending on the teammate's personal settings, they'll receive this information in-app, email or both. You can comment on every individual element of the OKR (Objective, Key Results and Initiatives) or KPI so that the information is specifically targeted to what's most relevant.

Here are a few great ways to use the commenting feature:

Provide Context. There may be updates about an Objective or KPI that would be helpful to be recorded to provide additional insight into the "why". For instance, progress may be paused while you await approval or a KPI has moved significantly one way or another. 

Ask for Support. There may be blockers that need to be addressed or additional resources requested. If it feels like progress is falling behind, @mention your teammate who can help get the process back on track. 

Send a Reminder. If a due date is approaching or a progress update is overdue, @mention the teammate responsible to encourage them to complete the task or add the information. 

Call Attention. As you update progress, there may be important developments that need to be highlighted. By @mention the teammate, you ensure they are kept in the loop and appropriate next steps can be taken if necessary. 

Congratulate. When reviewing an OKR and the progress, it's a great opportunity to celebrate any achievements. by @mention teammates to recognize their hard work.    

To add a comment to an Objective or KPI:

  1. Click on the Objective or KPI
  2. Scroll down to the Activity feed
  3. Type comment in Add note section
  4. Click Save

For Key Results and Initiatives, the activity feed is the right sidebar after clicking on the Key Result or Initiative.

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