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Can I be added as a Contributor to a Company Objective?
Can I be added as a Contributor to a Company Objective?
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As strategic and high-level as company-level Objectives can be, there are sometimes very specific actions that need to be performed in order for these Objectives to move forward (aside from all the support given by lower organizations in the OKR structure like Teams). Therefore, there will be times when you would need to add Contributors to your Company level OKRs, Perdoo supports it and the OKR framework allows it.

You can add Contributors when creating or editing an Objective:

Creating under Advanced Options

Editing in-line in the right side panel

It's important to note that only Team members or Objective, Result, or KPI Leads can update progress on goals. For more information on roles and permissions, check out this chart.

* NOTE: Do you have a private OKR? You can add Contributors there as well (only Objective Leads, Result Leads, and Contributors can see them).

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