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Transparency is great, but sometimes things can't be shared with everyone. Whether there's an upcoming merger, or you're working on a classified partnership, you can mark any OKR as private in Perdoo. Manage all your goals in one place, even if they're not for everyone to see.

When creating or editing an Objective, click into Advanced Options to hide the OKR from everyone apart from those involved with it. Got a confidential OKR that only the management team should know about? No problem, add the individuals as collaborators or have them lead a particular Key Result or Initiative. With Private OKRs in Perdoo, you get complete flexibility over who sees what to balance transparency with reality.

How to make an OKR private

  1. Create or edit an Objective

  2. Click Advanced Options

  3. Choose to hide or unhide the OKR (private OKRs are visible to Objective Lead, Result Leads, and Contributors only)

  4. Add collaborators (optional)

  5. Click Save

Make an OKR private when adding or editing an Objective

You can find your private OKRs in your Active OKRs tab, marked with a lock icon. Private OKRs are not included in reporting or Group summaries, such as Custom Reports or Roadmap, nor can you align them.

Private OKR in Active OKRs tab

💡 Pro tip: If you just need more time to create your OKR, you could just save your OKR as a draft instead.

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