Adding users into Perdoo is pretty straight forward. The bigger question though is, who to actually add into Perdoo. Anyone participating in your OKR program should be able to access, especially if they'll:

  • Lead an OKR
  • Own Initiatives
  • Be accountable for results
  • Update progress

Introduce Perdoo

Before you start sending out those Perdoo invitations, introduce the system to the Company so that it doesn't catch everyone off guard. (Check out our guidelines).

Land and expand

Start by first adding the Executive team that will create Company OKRs along with the people who will be administrating the account. Once they understand both OKRs and Perdoo, you can continue with the rollout. 

Learning OKR and adopting a new tool takes time, so we recommend to gradually invite users instead of massively inviting everyone. Start with executive, then move to managers or choose 2 or 3 teams to begin with, and then continue in batches until you've covered the entire organization.

Release the invitation once selected users have completed the OKR & Perdoo training and are ready to create and add their OKRs.

To invite Users:

  1. Click on Configure
  2. Select Users
  3. Click on Add user
  4. Add Email, first and last name and Group the user will belong to
  5. Select a Role for the user
  6. Send invite --> Yes
  7. Accept the Terms of Service
  8. Click on Submit

If you want to get a head start by adding other users into the system, but you're not ready to invite them yet, you can still add them by selecting "No" under the Send invite option. The user will be added as reserved and ready to be invited once you're setup.

Note: Users with reserved status are counted as active licenses.

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