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Add or invite reserved users

Invite users on hold or batch invite users.

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There will be times when you want to add users into Perdoo, but not invite them yet. This is especially the case when you're first setting up your Perdoo account, or when you're setting new employees up for onboarding. 

💡 Pro tip: Invited/Reserved users will not get email notifications when they are assigned a Lead (to an Objective, Key Result, or Initiative) or added to a Team.

Add a user without inviting them

To add a user without inviting them, simply change the Send invite option to No:

Send invite option when adding a user

The user will then be added but their Status will show as Reserved:

Status column in User tab of Configure

Send invitation to Reserved user

Every time you see a user with Reserved status, it means they haven't activated their account yet. If you're ready to ask them to join Perdoo:

  1. Click on Configure

  2. Select the Users tab

  3. Search for the user you're ready to invite

  4. Click on the menu  on the right

  5. Select Send invitation

Mass invite Reserved users

To invite several Reserved users in one go:

  1. Click on Configure

  2. Select the Users tab

  3. Sort by Status

  4. Select all users you'd like to invite into Perdoo

  5. Click on the menu on the top right

  6. Select Send Invitation

* NOTE: Reserved users count as an active licenses.

Resend invitation link

If you've already invited a user and they haven't activated their account, you can resend the invitation by

  1. Go to Configure

  2. Select the Users tab

  3. Select the user by checking the box beside their name

  4. Click on the menu on the top right

  5. Select Send Invitation

Send invitation again to invited users in Users tab of Configure

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