Perdoo's Resources hub is full of great blog articles, online guides, eBooks, and videos to help you get started:

Are you an Ambassador? Our OKR Implementation Handbook offers checklists to help you stay on track when rolling out the platform to your organization or team.

If you're looking for a quick way to get caught up:

  • The OKR Crash Course provides everything you need to know from OKR's history to its present-day implementation (or as a blog post if reading is more your thing):

  • A 5-minute walkthrough video of the Perdoo platform explains our key features:

  • Our OKR 101 Course (information and pricing can be found here) to get your team caught up on OKR methodology in about 25 minutes.

  • Check out the article and video for each key feature on the platform:

How to get started article and Watch a video for each key feature

If you want a deeper understanding:

Need a hand? Contact our friendly Support team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email

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