Owners and Leads of OKRs are important but you can't do anything alone, of course. That's where Contributors come in.

Contributors are all the people from within or outside of your Group who will support you to achieve your goals (OKRs). By adding Contributors to your Objective, you show the people who are involved in working on the goal.

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* NOTE: Do you have a private OKR? You can add Contributors there as well (only Objective Leads, Result Leads, and Contributors can see them).

Why include Contributors?

In order for Contributors to be able to add Initiatives, they have to be added to the Objective.

* You'll only be able to add Initiatives to Objectives or Key Results that you lead or are a Contributor to.

So adding people as Contributors will encourage and enable them to add Initiatives to that Objective or Key Result. For example, in order to ‘Add Initiative’ for an Objective you need to be a Contributor of that Objective. If you're a Contributor of a KR, you shouldn’t be able to add an Initiative under the Objective.

Where can you find them?

When creating or editing an Objective or Result, you can add/view Contributors in the Advanced Options (expand to view).

Contributors section when creating or editing an Objective

Are you a Contributor?

If you're contributing to an OKR but don't lead a goal (Key Result, Initiative, or KPI), then it will not appear in your Check-in. This is because you don't have a goal that you're individually responsible for updating.

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