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Choose per goal how often you want to update it.

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Generally, we recommend that goals are updated on a weekly basis so that you always have an up-to-date view of how your goals are progressing. However, some goals, especially longer-term ones, don't progress as often as others. For example, your annual OKR may only need updating once a month, while your quarterly OKRs every week.

Perdoo offers you the flexibility to choose how often each goal should be updated, anywhere between weekly and yearly, so that your Check-ins only reflect goals requiring an update.


By default: The update frequency for company KPIs will be set to monthly. The update frequency for team KPIs will be based on the Check-in cycle frequency in Configure > Check-ins.

You'll find the option to customize the update frequency for a KPI under Advanced Options when creating a KPI:

Or editing a KPI in the right side panel.


For OKRs, you have 2 options:

  • You can customize the update frequency when creating an OKR, under Advanced Options.

    Or editing an OKR in the right side panel.

  • You can customize the default frequency for each cadence in Configure (in which case you can still adjust the update frequency per OKR).

Important notes

  • A goal will surface in a Check-in at the start of each new update cycle. So if update frequency for a goal is set to monthly, the goal will automatically appear again in the first Check-in of a new month.

  • Goals won't be considered outdated until 7 days after their last update cycle. So if we're currently living in week 5 and the update frequency for a goal is set to weekly, it will only be marked as outdated by the end of week 6.

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