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Choose per goal how often you want to update it.

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Generally, we recommend that goals are updated on a weekly basis so that you always have an up-to-date view of how your goals are progressing. However, some goals, especially longer-term ones, don't progress as often as others. For example, your annual OKR may only need updating once a month, while your quarterly OKRs every week.

Perdoo offers you the flexibility to choose how often each goal should be updated, anywhere between weekly and yearly, so that Perdoo can highlight goals requiring an update.


By default: The update frequency for KPIs will be set to monthly.

You'll find the option to customize the update frequency for a KPI under Advanced Options when creating a KPI:

Or editing a KPI in the right side panel:


For OKRs, you have 2 options:

  • You can customize the update frequency when creating an OKR, under Advanced Options.

    Or editing an OKR in the right side panel:

  • You can customize the default frequency for each cadence in Configure (in which case you can still adjust the update frequency per OKR).

Important notes

  • A goal will surface as "Update due" at the start of each new cycle.

    • If the update frequency is weekly, the goal will be marked Update due every Monday —encouraging you to submit your progress for the previous week.

    • If the update frequency is monthly, it will be marked Update due on the first day of a new month, asking you to submit progress for the previous month.

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