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How do I change the alignment of an Objective?
How do I change the alignment of an Objective?
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An OKR can only be aligned to one of these options: a Strategic Pillar, an OKR, or a KPI.

To change the alignment of an Objective to a Strategic Pillar or another Objective (or skip alignment altogether), edit the Objective (using the 3-dot menu > Edit Objective) and change What will this OKR do? to:

  • Support a Strategic Pillar

  • Support another OKR

  • Improve a KPI

  • Skip

Then, use the dropdown menu beside your choice to specify the parent Strategic Pillar, OKR, or KPI.

* NOTE: You can only align Objectives to other active OKRs (this does not include private or draft OKRs).

Add alignment:

Add alignment when creating an Objective

Edit alignment:

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