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What are the stages of an OKR?
What are the stages of an OKR?
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From your Company, Team, or user page, you'll find all your OKRs, with the option to filter between 4 tabs: Active, Draft, Closed, or All:

OKR tabs: Active, Draft, Closed, or All
  • Active. Here you'll find all open OKRs. These are all OKRs that are not yet closed from past, current, or future timeframes. When creating or editing OKRs, you can select any Active timeframe.

    * NOTE: If there is an active timeframe that you no longer wish to use, you can delete or rename it.

  • Draft. Draft OKRs are OKRs that are not yet published, therefore they don't appear in progress calculations (i.e. Team page or Performance Reports). If you begin creating an OKR for a future timeframe, we'll suggest making it a draft.

    💡 Pro tip: Use this when setting up quarterly Team OKRs. Teams can create OKRs as drafts, then managers or leads can review and approve them.

  • Closed. Once you've wrapped up a quarter, closing your OKR is the opportunity to reflect on the past, what worked well or didn't.

    * NOTE: You can update any OKRs as long as they're not closed.

  • All. Use this tab to view all your Active, Draft, and Closed OKRs at once.

From all tabs, you can use the Show KRs & Initiatives button to expand your OKR to include all of its Key Results and Initiatives:

Show KRs & Initiatives button before exporting data

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