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How can I utilize Perdoo for meetings?
How can I utilize Perdoo for meetings?
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Here are a few tips for how to utilize Perdoo for your next meeting:


Use the Check-ins of your direct reports to review the progress and updates on the goals they're leading.

  1. First, make sure your direct reports have you listed as their manager in their Personal settings (click on the avatar in the top-right corner).

  2. Then, as a manager or lead, you'll be able to find the link on your Home screen, which takes you to their user page and Check-in tab.

Direct reports on right-hand side of Home view

💡 Pro tip: Using Perdoo for performance reviews? Easily view a snapshot of an individual's progress by exporting their profile page and uploading it to your HR management system. First, select Show KRs & Initiatives (optional: filter Results by All Result types, Key Results only, or Initiatives only), then Print full page:

Export profile pages for performance reviews

Team meetings

Use the Team page if you want to dive into the details.

From there, you can expand the view to show the Key Results and/or Initiatives by selecting Show KRs and Inits:

Show KRs & Initiatives button before exporting data

Or you can use the Results filter if you only want to see Key Results, for example:

  • All Result types

  • Key Results only

  • Initiatives only

All Result types or Key Results only or Initiatives only dropdown menu

Leadership & All-hands meetings

You have two options:

1. The Map offers a way to visualize the relationships between your strategy and the goals that'll deliver it. Get everyone on the same page by easily communicating your strategy in a way that employees understand and remember.

Roadmap example

2. As a high-level overview, use the Company page and then the Teams tab. From there, select Expand All (on the right-hand side). This allows you to see all your Teams on one page, rather than individually selecting Teams.

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Find more videos in the How to get the most out of your Perdoo account playlist.

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