First thing's first: we don't encourage individual OKRs because:

  • It contradicts the trust that is inherent to OKR methodology.

  • It brings the focus to the individual level, rather than to the bigger picture.

  • It adds unnecessary complexity and focus gets lost.

That said individual OKRs are commonly Personal Development Objectives. Personal development goals are often goals that you own that are not necessarily directly aligned to Company or Group objectives.

Add individual/personal development OKRs to Perdoo

It's important to understand that all OKRs have an Owner (the Group responsible for the goal) and a Lead (the person responsible for leading the goal to success).

  • This means that you can create an individual OKR if the Lead of the Objective, Key Results, and Initiatives is the same person. The Group that is the Owner would be the Group that the individual is a member of.

  • Our private OKRs feature in Perdoo, available to all Premium accounts, are excluded from reports and statistics. Since they are only visible to the people involved in the OKR, they allow you to create goals that would, for example, only be visible to you and your manager. First make sure they're enabled in the Company settings (Configure) and then applied to specific OKRs.

* NOTE: The Owner can only be a Group, not a person, but the same person should be the Lead of the Objective, Key Results, and Initiatives.

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