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Personalize your Perdoo account

Before you add other people to your Perdoo account, make sure you add your company logo, slogan, etc.

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To make your trial a success, it’s important that you personalize your Perdoo account. That way, you get a feeling for how Perdoo looks like as a customer.

Step 1: Add company logo & slogan

  1. Click on Configure in the left sidebar

  2. Upload your company logo

  3. Add your slogan
    E.g. Nike: “Just do it”

Step 2: Set yourself as the Ambassador

The Ambassador is the person that will be operationally responsible for implementing and running your goal management program. The Ambassador is responsible for the rollout, ongoing maintenance, and engagement of the program. They will become an internal expert that will guide and mentor the rest of the organization. The best candidates for the role have strong organizational and people skills, and experience managing company-wide programs. For the time being, this will be you. 

In case you'd like to learn more about the Ambassador role and how to decide who should be the Ambassador, check out this article.

To add an Ambassador

  1. Click on Configure

  2. In General, under Ambassador, search and select your Ambassador

  3. Press Save

Wonder what Perdoo looks like once you're fully up and running? This video walks you through the platform.

Need a hand?

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