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You can batch import users directly through the Google sheets integration.

If you don't have Google, we can batch import your users and automatically create your Teams and assign users to them.

  • To do this, please create a copy and fill out this file following the below instructions. Once completed, forward it to your assigned Customer Success Manager.

  • Please make sure the user list follows this order: Executives, Manager, Team Leads, Team Members.

Special instructions

Column A:

Leave this blank (your Coach will populate this for you).

Column H:

Column I:

Mark YES if you'd like to send the invitation to the user. This will give the user a link to activate their account and access the platform.

If you'd like to upload the user's information but not give them access yet, then this should say NO. You can then invite them later through the platform instead.

Column J:

Mark YES if this user is an Ambassador.

Column K:

Mark YES if this user is an Executive.

Column L:

Include the name of the Team the user needs to be added to.

If the Team already exists in the platform, it will simply add the user to that Team. If the Team doesn't exist in the platform yet, it will automatically create the Team for you.

If the user only belongs to multiple Teams, you can fill out up to 10 Teams using Columns N, P, R etc.

Column M:

Mark YES if the user you're adding is the Lead for the Team in Column L.

If the user is not the Lead, then it should say NO.

If the user is the lead of multiple Teams, follow the same process for Columns O, Q, S etc.

* NOTE: If you've already created Teams in Perdoo and simply wish to automatically assign team members to the existing Teams, the names added to the file should match exactly how they've been entered into Perdoo, otherwise the system will create new Teams, creating duplicates. 

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