Standard and Premium Coaching plans offer the option to batch import their users. The import can also automatically create your Groups and assign users to them. To do this, please fill out this file following the below instructions and forward to your assigned Coach, once completed.


  1. Column A you can leave blank (Coach will populate this for you).

  2. Columns G & H should include the name of the Group(s) the user needs to be added to. If the Group already exists in the platform, it will simply add the user to that Group. If the Group doesn't exist in the platform yet, it will automatically create the Group for you. If the user only belongs to a single Group, you can leave Column H blank.

  3. Column K should be YES if you'd like to send the invitation to the user. This will give the user a link to activate their account and access the platform. If you'd like to upload the user's information but not give them access yet, then this should say NO. You can then invite them later through the platform instead.

  4. Column L  should be marked as YES if the user you're adding is the lead for the Group on column G. If the user is not the lead, then it should say NO. Same case for column M, mark as YES or NO depending of whether o not the user is the team lead of the Group added under column H. 

  5. Please make sure the list follows the next order: Executives, Manager, Group Leads, Group Members.

  6. Options for column J: Standard, Admin, Superadmin (learn more on Perdoo roles)

* NOTE: If you've already created Groups in Perdoo and simply wish to automatically assign team members to the existing Groups, the names added to the file should match exactly how they've been entered into Perdoo, otherwise the system will create new ones, creating duplicates. 

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