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Just like our Open API, our Google Sheets integration enables you to automatically update progress on your KPIs, Key Results, and Initiatives. Please note that this integration does not require you to have your own Google account.

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The Google Sheets integration can connect to 65+ business apps and you don’t need a technical background to build most of these connections.


Get started in 2 steps:

  1. Send our Support team a quick message so that we can activate the integration for you. Contact us at support@perdoo.com or via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen.

  2. Once, activated, follow these steps to update any KPI, Key Result, or Initiative automatically:

* NOTE: The update will only be executed if the value is different.

  • In Perdoo, click on the goal (KPI, Key Result, or Initiative) you wish to integrate.

  • From the URL, copy the ID located after /kpi/, /kr/ (see images below).

  • Open your Google Sheet.

  • Copy the ID to the ID column.

  • In the Type column, add which type of goal it is ('kpi', 'keyresult', or 'initiative') 


Key Result or Initiative

Once a day (between 2-3 am CET), Perdoo will check these sheets and automatically update progress on the corresponding goals in Perdoo, based on the value that Perdoo finds in the Value column.

* NOTE: The integration allows you to update goals on Perdoo. Perdoo doesn't update a spreadsheet with data from OKRs, Initiatives, and KPIs.

Connecting other apps

You can automatically update the value (i.e. progress) for your goals by connecting other apps. Here's how:

Native add-ons

A lot of tools—like Salesforce, Chartmogul, and Quickbooks—enable you to send your data directly from their apps to a Google Sheet. Most Google products, like Google Forms and Google Analytics, also allow you to send data directly to a GSheet. These add-ons are free and very easy to use. They enable you to automatically update the value (i.e. progress) for a goal.

Middleware Add-ons

Where a native add-on isn't available, middleware add-ons can be very useful. The most well-known add-ons is Supermetrics. It allows you to integrate 40+ apps to your Google Sheets, so you can automatically update progress in Perdoo with data from apps like Hubspot, Shopify, Facebook Ads, Semrush, Stripe, and more.


Does data in the Description field go into the Notes section of the KR or Initiative?

  • The Description is not the comment that's associated with the update. Instead, this field is the optional opportunity to indicate which goal it is in the Sheet since you can't identify which goal it is by the ID and value. This means that the Google Sheets integration currently only has the power to update values.

Does the Value field update only the KR and Initiative metric?

  • Value is the quantitative measurement of the Key Result or Initiative.

Can you update the status of the KR or Initiative through GSheets (status = on target, off target etc)?

  • Status is not currently included in the Google Sheet integration.

Can there be multiple tabs in Google Sheets integrated with Perdoo? Would multiple tabs break the integration?

  • Multiple tabs would break the integration. Please contact Support so we can create new sheets for different teams. You can create as many Sheets integrations within a company as you want.

Is it possible to formula link cells in different sheets?

Want to know all the apps we can integrate with?

Here's a full list of apps that Perdoo integrates with. Contact our Support team (support@perdoo.com, or via the in-app chat) to see how we can help you automate updates to KPIs, Key Results, and Initiatives.

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