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Google Sheets integration
Google Sheets integration

Auto-update progress for KPIs and OKRs from 1,000+ apps and data sources. Import users, teams, and (example) strategies or goals.

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Our powerful Google Sheets Add-on lets you:

  • Import users, teams, and goals — handy if you're just getting started with Perdoo and/or are migrating to Perdoo from another software.

    • Browse our databases of example Strategic Pillars and KPIs, select the ones that are relevant, and import them to your account with just a few clicks!

    • Easily import existing Strategic Pillars, KPI, and OKRs.

  • Automatically update progress for your KPIs, Key Results, and Initiatives by pulling data from any spreadsheet and 1,000+ business apps.

Since this Add-on offers a two-way sync, it can also be used to build internal integrations for your goals in Perdoo. For example, you can use this Add-on to base one KPI’s progress on the sum or average of several other KPIs in your Perdoo account.

ℹ️ Do you not have a Google account? No worries, we can create a spreadsheet for you and share it with you!

How to install our GSheets Add-on

The following steps only have to be done once.

  • Open our Add-on in Google's Workspace Marketplace and click Install.

    • If you are a GSuite Administrator, you may see two options: Admin install and Individual install. If you select Individual install, the Add-on will only be available to you. Select Admin install if you want to make the Add-on available to specific teams or your entire organization.

  • Click Continue and then click Allow to give Perdoo the right permissions.

  • If the Add-on is installed successfully, you'll see a message that says "Perdoo - OKR & Strategy Execution Software has been installed". The Add-on is now available in every Google Sheet.

The GSheets integration is now ready for use!

Important! Only if you performed an Admin install, will the integration now be available for everyone. Otherwise, other users must follow the same steps above to make the integration available for themselves.

Connect any GSheet to your Perdoo account

  • Open the Google Sheet that you wish to integrate with Perdoo.

    • You can connect multiple Google Sheets to your Perdoo account.

  • Select Extensions > Perdoo - OKR & Strategy Execution Software > Open.

  • Click Authorize and enter your Perdoo API token.

That's it!

Auto-update progress for goals in Perdoo

  • Go to the main menu and click Import goals from Perdoo.

  • The Add-on will now load all your Perdoo goals.

    • For each goal, we display Goal type (KPI, Key Result, or Initiative), Owner, and Lead.

    • You can search goals by Goal title (eg, Improve ...), Goal type (eg, Key Result), Owner (eg, Marketing), Lead (eg, Nick), and Timeframe (eg, Q2).

  • Select the goals that you wish to integrate and click Import goals.

    • If you don't see the Import goals button, you'll need to scroll down in the Add-on (we're working to improve this).

  • The selected goals will be imported to the Perdoo Goals tab. If this tab didn't exist, a new one will be created.

  • For each goal, you can choose the Sync direction.

    • Should the Goal Progress value in your GSheet update (and overwrite) progress for that goal in Perdoo?

    • Or should Perdoo update the Goal Progress value in your GSheet?

    • This two-sync option gives you lots of opportunities, such as the ability to build internal integrations.

  • Adding a Date is optional. You can use this to add a progress update for a date in the past. If no date is entered, it will default to today.

    • This is useful, for example, for KPIs that you only wish to update once a month. At the beginning of a new month, you will know the progress of the previous month. By adding the last date of the previous month in the Date column, progress will show for the correct month in Perdoo.

      • TIP: You can use standard GSheets formulas to automatically display the correct date in the Date column.

    • Double-click on a cell to pick a date.

    • If you add a date, it will be automatically be cleared next time the sync runs.

  • Adding a Comment is also optional. The information that you here will be added to the progress update for context — the same way as if you were adding a comment when updating progress directly in Perdoo.

    • If you add a comment, it will automatically be cleared next time the sync is run.

That's it! You are now ready to connect other apps and data sources (eg, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk, and many more) to your GSheet to let them automatically update Goal Progress — and you no longer have to update progress manually!

Important! Do not format the value as a percentage in GSheets. For example, if you format '1' as a percentage in GSheets, it changes the value to 0.01 in Perdoo. If you see '1' in GSheets (without the %), it will show as '1%' in Perdoo.

Connecting other apps to auto-update Goal Progress

You can automatically update Goal Progress by connecting other apps and data sources. Your GSheet can connect to hundreds of business apps and you don’t need a technical background to build most of these connections!

NOTE: Formatting your progress value as a % in GSheets may alter the underlying value. Try to avoid this and format the number directly in Perdoo.


Easily pull data from any other spreadsheet using the IMPORTRANGE function.

Native add-ons

Many tools — like Salesforce, Chartmogul, Quickbooks, Zendesk, and most Google products — have their own Add-ons that you can connect to your GSheet. We also built one ourselves for Hubspot.

Most Add-ons are free and easy to use. Check out Google's Marketplace for all available Add-ons:

These Add-ons allow you to easily pull data from these tools into your GSheet — which you can use to update Goal Progress.

Middleware Add-ons

Where a native add-on isn't available, middleware Add-ons can be useful. The most well-known are Sheet Director and Supermetrics. They allow you to pull data from hundreds of apps to your Google Sheets — which you can use to update Goal Progress.

These Add-ons usually have a free plan but require a paid subscription for more advanced functions.

Using your tool's API

Most tools have an open API that you can use to pull data to your GSheet. You can let them send data directly to Perdoo's API, or pull data from them using Google's built-in Apps Script using Add-ons like SyncWith.

Each tool should have their own support article explaining how their API works. While API usage is often free of charge, it does require technical knowhow to use them successfully.

Setting up Auto-sync

Once you have successfully connected other apps so that Goal Progress is automatically updated, it's time to enable Auto-sync.

  • Go to the main menu and select Auto-sync.

  • Click Setup Auto-sync.

  • Choose Frequency and Execution Time and Other Settings.

  • Click Save settings.

  • Important: After each successful sync, information in the Progress update comment column (if any) will automatically be wiped.

Import users, teams and (example) goals

The Add-on should be pretty self-explanatory in this respect — but don't hesitate to reach out in case you need help.

Simply choose from one of the options under Set up Perdoo:

Instructions are available in the Add-on itself, and the headers of the sheets to be imported contain notes with further instructions.


  • Are my private OKRs and KPIs accessible via this Add-on?
    No, they aren't.

  • Why can't I find my OKRs via this Add-on?
    Please check if your OKRs are active (and not in draft). Draft OKRs are not available via this Add-on. If your OKRs are active but you still can't see them, check if your OKRs are public and not private.

  • Can you update the Status for the KR or Initiative via this integration?
    Status is not yet included in the Google Sheet integration. Would you like us to add this? Let us know via the live chat bottom-right!

  • If I close a Key Result will the GSheets integration stop updating it automatically?
    No, it will not stop updating automatically. It will keep updating until it's removed from the sheet.

  • Can I calculate the figure that then goes in the Goal Progress cell elsewhere in the Google Sheet?
    As long as the cell from the original worksheet has a value in it, you can do the calculation inside the same doc and just equal the 2 cells across sheets.

  • What can I do if my Goal Progress values aren't updating automatically?
    Make sure you have the hourly recalculation setting (Recalculation on change and every hour) in your GSheet's settings:

    • Click the File option.

    • In the drop-down, click on 'Spreadsheet settings'

    • In the 'Settings for this spreadsheet' box, click on the 'Calculation' tab.

    • Click on the Recalculation drop-down.

    • Select On change and every minute.

    • Click on Save settings.

      Recalculation on change and every hour in GSheet Settings

  • I have a Result that is automated with the GSheets integration, why is it appearing in the Check-in if it is supposed to be automatically updated?

    A goal that is integrated via GSheets will still appear in the lead’s Check-in. While progress is automatically updated, you still want the lead to review progress at regular intervals — and provide context in the form of a comment when necessary. You may want to change the update frequency for that goal (eg, set it quarterly) so that it doesn’t appear in the lead’s Check-in too often.

    P.S. We’re working on an update that adds a GSheets icon to goals that are automatically updated via GSheets, like we have for Jira and Asana.

  • Can I continue to use the existing Google Sheets integration?
    If you're already using our existing Google Sheets integration, you can continue to use it alongside this new one until further notice.

  • I'm using the existing Google Sheets integration. How can I transition to the new one?
    We recommend that you just move over one of your goals from the existing integration to the new one, let it run for a day or week to get a feel for how it works and then move everything over when you're ready.

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